Tuesday, Overnight on the hook (really a mooring ball)

Tuesday, June 7th. We left Skadin around 7:30 AM with our fresh laundry, some more ice, new groceries and another full shopping cart that was filled full of assorted “liquids”. We would like to find someplace for our one anchor-off that was planned for Tuesday. It is unfortunate that today’s weather is overcast and windy. We snacked most of the day and the plan would be to cook dinner on the boat. Our first bay that we tried later in the day had 2 other boats anchored. It was still windy and after 20 minutes, we found the anchor was not holding so we looked for another spot

First Anchor try in a windy bay with Fish farm close by.

Our future mooring ball in our private cove

It wasn’t a long journey to find the 2nd cove called Brbinj on Dugi Otok. It was an absolutely lovely small cove with a single large mooring ball. We tied up to the mooring ball and had the cove all to ourselves.

The 20 knot winds finally died down and we had a lovely pasta dinner on the deck. In the middle of the night we had a huge thunder and lightning storm with heavy rain that followed. By morning, the sun was out and we had a relaxing hour or so before shoving off. For breakfast, I cooked my normal fried potatoes, sausage and egg mix. One skillet dishes work best on the boat especially when the weather is not completely cooperative for cooking.

Alistar taking pictures of us from the water

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