Wednesday Update – English Channel at last!

Ken writes:

“All forces have met – the wet, warm, windy low front just passed us (winds blowing counter clock-wise) followed by a high with lighter cooler, sunny weather (blowing clockwise) – the winds meshed nicely for a clear 65 degree, Sunny day with winds of 20 to 25. a British beach day- perfect.

Passed the lighthouse at Lizard point – this lighthouse has been welcoming returning British shipsfrom the sea for centuries. You cannot see England but the light house tells the seaman returning from looting in the Caribbean, fighting the Spanish Armada, discovering the Americas, returning from the first circumnavigation or – the Grateful Red sailing in from Horta that you are now in British waters. Will pass the Isle of Wright on to the Dover straits tomorrow. The depth will go from 12,000 feet to 30 feet. In the by-gone days a boat would drop a line with a rock to determine depth, the mud on the rock would help decide if the boat was in the channel or heading into the rocks (no mud). yes there are many wrecks in the area. electronics are the way to go. our AIS radar shows 5 to 15 cargo ships in our 48 radius all the time. dippin’ and dodging our way to the Dover straits. Should see England lighthouses and land tomorrow. ”

This e-mail was delivered via satellite phone and was “embellished” with picture by Kristine.

Note: Lizard Lighthouse link and info


Lizard Point in Cornwall is the southernmost tip of the Lizard Peninsula. It is the southernmost tip of Great Britain, at 49°57′ N, and, with the exception of parts of the Isles of Scilly is thesouthernmost part of England.

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